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Make Office Life Innovated


10+ Years of Design and Innovation  


Meet&Co is a leading one-stop office furniture solution provider. Along with all the technology and automation,
we design and manufacture innovative office furniture and solutions to create workplaces where people can feel productive, delighted, and motivated.




Where It All Began

Our story started in 2011. Meet&Co was established by Lisa Lee and started making its entry into the national and global office furniture market. From the outset, the company is inspired by a belief that offices can be inspirational spaces where people can feel and work at their best. It's about bringing warmth, creativity, and shaping an experience.  It's about enabling companies and employees to thrive together. We strive to design every piece of furniture with your well-being and work experience in mind. 

With over 10 years of endeavor, Meet&Co has grown into one of the most recognizable and represented office furniture companies in China and a reliable, indispensable partner to our global customers. We're committed to offering top-notched service, personalized design, and premium furniture to build your dream workplace. 


Our Mission

Make Office Life Innovated


What we do goes beyond just making quality office furniture. Our purpose is to innovate the office experience through creative & meaningful design.
We integrate Activity Based Working (ABW) into our furniture design system, aiming to create a people-centered workplace solution that fuels productivity, connections, and empowerment.

At Meet&Co, we never hesitate to grow, learn, and try new things. We're seeking to eliminate bottlenecks and innovate solutions for the industry. We’re dedicated to building quality
and sustainable furniture with an eye to the future of work. We believe that we can empower people to unlock their potential and make fruitful results.

Our Visions 


At Meet&Co, everything we make draws from our visions for creating new ways of working.


Bring home-like comfort to the workplace.

Unleash company potential through innovative workstyles.

Drive business civilization with smart office solutions.



Our Values 

Customer First

Our customer is our business. We're driven by our commitment to deliver extraordinary products, services, and experiences to our customers. We work hard to understand our clients and strive to meet or even exceed their expectations. We value our customer relationships and let this customer-focused value be rooted in our company's DNA.  

We Honor Integrity

Respectful, equal, transparent, and reliable.
That's why we are trustworthy to our customers. From products and solutions to every step of our collaboration, we treat each of our employees and clients with respect, communicate with transparency and deliver what we have promised.


We Value Teamwork

Being inclusive and collaborative, we are striving to make progress and innovations. Here at Meet&Co, we value and celebrate differences and uniqueness., providing opportunities for every employee to unleash their potential while achieving the same goal together.  

Win Together

Dedicated to providing quality products and exceptional customer experience, and building valuable relationships, we are here to meet your needs and turn your office into a place full of possibilities. Together, we create the best workplace solution that helps you thrive. 



What Sets Us Apart



 Innovating the ways of working with the best office furniture since 2011
Fast Delivery, Top Quality, Cost-effective 


Do Business Responsibly and Sustainably 


Care about People


Meet&Co aims to make contributions to the industry and society by improving people's working experience and well-being, offering
top-quality furniture and service for people to work and learn better. We'll do our best to make positive social impacts through our resources and talents.  


Good for the Planet 


We make eco-certificated and ergonomic furniture that is good for people and the planet. By giving priority to the use of eco-friendly materials,
we’re committed to reducing environmental impacts and building a greener and more sustainable workplace. (See our certificates).




Meet the People that Drive Us Forward





Our Super Team 

Together, we strive to build a business that helps people work better by offering the best furniture and customer experience. 

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