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London Samsung Office Design Appreciation

Interdisciplinary design studio - Samsung Design has hired workplace design firm Oktra to design their new office in London, UK. As a visionary and industry leader, Samsung Design has decided to shape their workspace around hybrid working ahead of the pandemic.
They saw the power of a meaningfully designed environment that unifies and engages employees and helps them transition to a more flexible and agile way of working. The blend of meeting environments, social areas and studio spaces allows employees to alternate work environments during the day - stimulating creativity and gaining task-based productivity benefits.
Contrasting light levels add a sophisticated dramatic effect to the user experience. Entrants walk through an enclosed, dimly lit lobby and then into a bright, open space that immediately calms with its soft materiality, biologism and restrained palette. Wooden slatted walls then shape the interior and invite the user to explore the space. Around the conference room and breakout spaces, the Korean-style structure uses FSC-certified pine and adds tactility and scale to the studio.