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Antao Office Design Appreciation

Five years ago, Ando headquarters settled in a completely wild state of mechanical foundry workshop, designed and built into a set of urban rainforest, mushroom paradise, coffee snack, nature museum, art exhibition hall, planting garden and other functions in one creative office space with rich scene power, and named it "Planet 16".

On June 8, 2022, after leaving the mechanical foundry, Ando officially opened in Building 1 of Hangzhou LOFT49 Creative City Advance Zone, once again interpreting the space of Planet 16 in an innovative way. The overall space continues the previous spatial attributes of nature, art and warmth, and is not only a super creative planet integrating urban rainforest, paradise, showroom, woodworking room, handicraft field and office area, but also a composite space with multiple cultural contexts and social attributes. We include the neighboring residents and customers in the audience, and send the signal of freedom and openness between common use and dialogue and communication.

The cultural exhibition "From Land to Destination - Creating a New Form of Future Destination" is being held on the 2nd floor of the exhibition hall, but the exhibition is not only on the 2nd floor. Ando Design has used 7 floors of space to plan different themes and contents to explain how to create a new form of creative office destination in a multi-dimensional way.

The 3rd floor, a museum, is also a nature code. Designers collect natural treasures and transform them into daily design inspiration. When you are here, you will find yourself as an overgrown child, full of curiosity about nature, soaking up the natural nutrients and putting the inspiration on paper with pen and paper, and finally turning it into reality through continuous polishing and precipitation.
This is a place where creative culture enthusiasts gather and where a lot of creative inspiration bursts forth. This is a circle of friends under the forest, where daily salons and lecture forums unfold from time to time, attracting many like-minded friends to become our new friends.
Vibrant vegetation, vivid light and shadow, free and smooth movement lines, and bursting green genes bring the ideal of life into the daily office, and the perceptive and affectionate neighborhood landscape strengthens the collective cohesion in the company.
This is an innovative laboratory where the disciplines of environmental art and psychology collide and burst forth, and the designers try to interpret the aesthetics of the city and life with a healing landscape. Here, there is no need to hide your emotions and human attitude, just release your "wild".
The theater of light - the closest place to the sky. Welcome the sunrise and send off the sunset, feel the flow of time and the quietness of the years. In the future, the Theatre of Light will also launch the "Rooftop Farm" experiment, exploring the mystery and wonder of growth.