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How Much Does An Office Desk Cost in 2022

In general, an office desk can range from less than $200 to over $2000. This price range varies depending on the office desk's construction materials, desk type, size, style, storage, and additional features.


Furthermore, depending on the weight and size of the office desk, purchasing an office desk online may incur additional shipping and handling expenses.


Continue reading to discover more about office desk prices, what factors influence them, and important factors to consider when purchasing an office desk.


What Factors Impact the Price of an Office Desk?


1, Materials



The materials used to construct the office desk are the most important aspect influencing the final cost.


Most office desks are composed of wood, laminate, metal, or plastic, however they are not all the same price.


In general, wooden desks are more durable, long-lasting, and provide a superior finish, which is why they are more expensive.


Although laminated, plastic, and resin finish computer tables are less costly, they are less durable and strong.


As a result, as you go for higher-quality materials, the price of the office computer desk may fluctuate and cost you more.


2, Storage



The amount of storage capacity built into a desk or workstation is a key cost element. When selecting how much storage you want for your desk, take the time to consider how much you truly require.


Because you will need to box up everything in, on, and around your desk before moving it, take advantage of the situation and thoroughly clean out your drawers. You might be amazed at how much can be relocated to a less expensive storage option that is little further away. Many papers or resources, for example, that you use less than once a week can be relocated to a high-density storage unit or filing cabinet used by others in your workplace.


3, Finish



These days, there are two typical types of finishes for desks: laminate and veneer; your decision might have a considerable influence on the ultimate price you spend.


The veneer is nearly unrivaled in terms of pure aesthetic look, and there are millions of combinations of hues, textures, and patterns to pick from, allowing you to construct the precise desk of your dreams, but that aesthetic design and choice comes at a cost. The veneer is a high-end finish choice with a high price tag.


Laminate has generally been seen as a less expensive or "cheap" choice, although substantial technological developments in the manufacture and application of laminates have helped to close the gap between the appearance of a veneer and laminate work surfaces in recent years.


There are numerous distinct laminate finishes available for each product line, which are separated into several different "grades" or pricing ranges. The laminate category is further subdivided into thermofused laminates and high-pressure laminates. Thermofused laminate is a thin, heat-applied material that is less costly. High-pressure laminate is a thicker, glued-to-the-core material that is more durable.


And the possibilities for finishing do not stop there. There are also many edge-band materials and designs to choose, which will affect your ultimate functioning, attractiveness, and, most importantly for this post, final pricing.


4, Durability



Durability is characterized by desk quality, which may be determined by inspecting the quality of the desk material.


Wooden and metal materials are more robust and durable. When compared to manufactured, plywood, glass, and plastic components, these materials provide more durability to the desk.


This is why hardwood top and metal top computer desks are more expensive due to their sturdiness and long-lasting durability.


So, if a desk costs approximately $150, it is likely to be more sturdy than a $ 50 desk and will survive longer than a cheaper one.


However, wooden or metal desks are not always guaranteed to be long-lasting; the quality of craftsmanship is more important. And, when you choose a more durable material, the cost of the computer desk rises.


5, Size



The size of the desk is the another important element influencing the cost of an office desk.


It is because the larger the desk, the more materials and work are required. Furthermore, additional resources and effort ultimately raise the cost.


Office desks come in a variety of sizes, ranging from a modest home office desk to a huge computer desk for many persons.


However, when you upgrade to a larger office computer desk, the price rises.


For example, if you're setting up a home office, you'll want to get an office computer desk that is compact enough to fit in your bedroom.


6, Shape



Office desks come in a variety of forms, the common desk types are usually include:

  • L-shaped desk

  • U-shaped desk

  • Executive desk

  • Computer desk

  • Reception desk

  • Retangular desk

  • Circular desk


Because they are especially developed for certain configuration demands, they range from intricate to extremely simple.


However, not every desk is the same price.


A basic office desk is even less expensive than a complexly constructed desk. This is due to the labor costs associated with the creation of such desks.


Because carving and detailed patterns need more labor, they are not for everyone. As a result, the price of an office computer desk rises.


Furthermore, an office desk with a more sophisticated shape and functionality will cost you more than a desk with a simple design.


Office Desk Cost



So How much does an office desk cost exactly?


The majority of computer office desks range in price from $200 to $2,000. The price of the desks is determined by the quality of the materials, storage, size, shape, durability, and finishes.


Prices for Office Desks are shown here to give you an idea of how much you will pay for your purchase.


1, From $325 to $550: Typical price per laminate office desk with a slide-out keyboard 

2, $800 average price per office desk with double pedestal, file drawers, and USB connections

3, 48" corner desks for children cost around $200.

4, A corner computer desk with a keyboard tray that slides out costs between $300 and $450.

5, The typical cost of an executive desk ranges from $500 to $1,300.

6, The cost of a call center desk ranges from $100 to $400.


If you want additional storage space, you might consider acquiring a hutch to go with each computer desk. However, expect to pay substantially more. Full-sized laminate desks with hutches typically cost between $700 and $2,000.


Note: Remember that most dealers provide discounts for large orders. Before placing your order, make sure to inquire about volume discounts. Some wholesalers include the cost of shipping, while others demand an additional fee. Make sure to enquire about this as well.


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